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The co-operative learning platform
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1 September 2016
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The EUROSCI Network brings together academics and universities with a shared interest in exploring the opportunities of educational technology for university co-operation beyond traditional student and teacher mobility. Born in 2016, we were initially focused on European integration. As we developed, however, our scope expanded to other topics and regions in an effort to become a truly global network.

Our vision is to become a global model of how international co-operation through educational technology (including North-South and South-South co-operation) can contribute to sustainable development, the reduction of inequality, and intercultural dialogue, by improving the quality, accessibility, and environmental sustainability, of international education.

We work together in five main areas: (1) international co-operation: enhancing co-operation between academics, universities and other relevant institutions around the world, including North-South and South-South co-operation; (2) teacher training: providing researchers and teachers with experience and training on educational technology; (3) online presence management: consulting and assisting our individual and institutional partners and associates to improve their online presence; (4) sponsorship brokerage: facilitating public and private sponsorship of teaching and research activities; and (5) quality assurance: evaluating, verifying, and reporting on the extent to which the educational services and operations of our partners, associates, and other independent institutions, meet relevant quality standards.

At the EUROSCI Network we firmly belive in the principles of academic freedom and university autonomy. We also believe in Agile values and principles, and we apply them to our projects in order to be able to deliver fast to our students and sponsors without compromising value, quality, or scientific rigour.

Our initiatives have included the organisation three editions of an open online course of European integration with synchronous lectures and asynchronous seminar discussions across different universities of the Network, two EUROSCI Network conferences, a one-month mission to Africa, a training course of online teaching in international higher education, online courses of Ukrainian, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic language, a course of economic development jointly organised by partners in Europe, Africa and South America, and a doctoral seminar.

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