Why does the EU concentrate its spending on specific target groups or regions?

The EU budget is so small that, if spread too thin, it would be unnoticeable.
1% (1 vote)
Focusing spending on targeted beneficiaries can create more growth in Europe than universal public goods.
3% (3 votes)
It is equitable to concentrate spending on those who need it the most in order to reduce inequality.
9% (9 votes)
National leaders who agree the budget maximise their own re-election chances by focusing pork barrel spending on key supporters.
87% (90 votes)
Total votes: 103
Learning objectives: 
Understanding the meaning of earmarks and "pork barrel" spending.
Understanding the overall limitations of the EU budget, and its main expenditure headings.
Understanding the EU budgetary procedure.
Understanding the principles of EU cohesion policy.
Understanding selectorate theory, and how it can predict the type of goods a government will produce.
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